Bean hotpot

Serves 6

This recipe is based on a fasting food: using oil, no meat or grated cheese. But you can add a few additional ingredients for taste and nutrition. Serve with sour cream or garlic sauce. Beet salad makes a good pairing.


1.5 l water (1 l for the beans, 0.5 l for the mushrooms)
100 g hulled barley
300 g dried broad beans
25 g dried ceps or other mushrooms
200 g fermented mushrooms or soaked salted mushrooms
200 g smoked meat (if desired)
100 g carrots
0.5 kg potatoes
200 g onions
5 largeish cloves of garlic
300 g butter, reserve part of it for frying
100 g grated cheese
4 bay leaves
1 tbsp sugar
8 whole allspice
salt to taste


The day before, cook the barley. Soak the beans overnight in 1 litre of water.

Bring the beans to the boil in a big pot in the same water. Break up the fermented mushrooms between your fingers and place in a separate pot with 0.5 l of water and boil over low heat.

Cook the beans until half-tender, and add the cooked mushrooms in their liquid. Brown the chopped carrot in the butter and add to the beans. Fry the fermented or soaked salted mushrooms and add to the beans. Add barley, sliced potatoes and smoked meat. Season according to taste. In the end, add grated cheese, and stir thoroughly.

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