Juniper sõir (pressed curd cheese)

Serves 5-6

Sõir was put on feats tables, taken as a gift for village fetes, and brought to the graves of the deceased for funerals and church feast days.


1 kg light curds 
1 l milk
150 g farm-direct butter
5 local eggs
10 g herbal salt,
2-3 tbsp of juniper syrup 
15 g crushed juniper berries


Heat the milk to near boiling, add the curds, which you have pressed through a sieve. Heat until the curds have caused the milk to separate into curds and whey and the curds have reached an even consistency. Tip into a sieve to drain.

Add salt, juniper syrup and crushed juniper berries to beaten eggs.

Melt butter in a pot (reserve a little butter for greasing the mould and for spreading on the ready sõir). Place the drained curds into the pot, add the egg mixture. Heat and stir until it reaches an even, unyielding consistency. Tip the sõir into a greased mould or wrap in cheesecloth and place a weight on it. Let cool.

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