Berry cordials

Makes about 3 litres

Juniper and rowanberries are considered hallowed in Setomaa, because they have a cross at one end. They have been gathered for medicinal purposes throughout history and are great in cordials as well.


Juniper cordial:
1 l hansa or strong Russian vodka
100-200 g dried juniper berries

Rowanberry cordial:
2 l hansa or strong Russian vodka
3 l jar full of freshly picked clusters of rowanberries


Juniper cordial:
Toast the juniper berries on a dry pan, place in a jar and cover with the hansa. Say juniper incantation and let steep. Sample it after a few months have passed. Or use topically to treat sore spots.

Rowanberry cordial:
Fill a three-litre jar with rowanberry clusters. Submerge in hansa. Say a rowan incantation and let steep. After a few months, it can be sampled or used topically as an embrocation.

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