Salt fish with potatoes

Serves one

Salt fish is best served with new potatoes and freshly made pickles.


Fish for the brine:
Bay leaf
Black pepper
Garlic cloves

For cooking:
150 g sour cream
Vegetable oil


Scale, gut and wash the fish. Keep in a light brine for 24 hours so the salt would pull the blood out of the fish. The next day, wash the fish and let it drip dry. Put salt in the bottom of the container, then the whole fish or pieces, add black pepper for seasoning, bay leaf pieces and sliced garlic. Shake salt on the fish liberally so that the fish is thickly covered with the salt. Lay weights on the fish and place the bowl in a cool place. After a few days, check the colour of the brine. If it is blood-tinged, repeat the brining process. Leave the fish in a cool place for about two months.

Remove the fish from the brine the day before preparing and soak in fresh water, changing the water once. Pour some oil on a pan and place the fish in the pan. Brown lightly on both sides, add sour cream. Cook for a few minutes.

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